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Founded in 2011 Sophie’s Art Tour comprises a research project, archive, cultural tours, talks and a graphic novel all of which explore and document the history of

Vietnamese visual culture. 

Sophie’s Art Tour began out of a desire to connect on a deeper level with Vietnam’s past and present. In 2010 an independent research project began, sparked by a fascination for how larger arcs of history shape personal experience, and how decisions forged in the past, reverberate through time and echo in the present.


As an artefact of the imagination, art contains all of the clues of its time, providing a fascinating way to understand the hopes, fears and visions of each generation. Through meeting artists, gallerists, curators, writers and researchers, by visiting libraries in Vietnam and abroad, searching second hand bookshops and gathering information from old exhibition catalogues, books and magazines, an exciting visual history of Vietnam began to emerge.

Sophie_s Art Tour Portrait Sophie by Chr


Sophie has worked in the arts in Southeast Asia since 2009; as Manager of Galerie Quynh, as Director for independent film festival Future Shorts Southeast Asia and as Co-Founder of community film organisation mê phim. Since 2011 she has worked with renowned researchers, artists, gallerists and curators to create Sophie’s Art Tour and alongside a brilliant team of guides to deliver it. Prior to moving to Vietnam she worked in arts education and arts development. (photo by Christian Berg)

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