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Drawing from the research Sophie is writing and illustrating a graphic novel which tells the story of modern and contemporary Vietnam through its visual culture. The process is collaborative and involves weaving together historical records and images, including extracts from political speeches, popular culture, advertisements, posters and fine art. Expect a riotous collage of images and words tripping over pages that will take you on a journey through modern and contemporary Vietnam

Through this project the research continues every day, meeting artists, visiting exhibitions, libraries and archives and gathering materials from a wide range of sources.


by Sophie Hughes 


Dancer (2017) is an accordian art book which tells the story of women's roles throughout history in Vietnam. Using layers of historical documents including woodblock prints, 1930's magazines, colonial era maps, combat sketches and ink drawings, a timeline of feudalism, imperialism and war are brought into focus through the lens of women.

If you would like to buy a copy of this art book 'Dancer', please click on the link below.

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