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About the talks

Talks draw from an extensive research archive and can be tailored to meet the needs of curriculums and special interests. Vietnam is a fascinating country with a complex history and a fascinating contemporary culture, by viewing it through the lens of art it is possible to bring it into focus. These talks are perfect for large groups, after dinner talks, student field trips. Clients have included Harvard, Dartmouth College, Google, 2x4 Global Design Agency and the Smithsonian, amongst others.


• Harvard Kennedy School

• SAIC - School of Art Institute Chicago

• Cranbrook Academy of Art


Australia National University

• Fulbright University Vietnam

British Embassy Vietnam

Old Compass Café, HCMC, Vietnam

• British Business Group, HCMC, Vietnam

• 2 x 4


2011 - 2018

• Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA

• Stony Brook University, NY, USA

• Centre for Cartoon Studies, Hartford, VT, USA

• Main Street Museum, White River Junction, VT, USA

• Indochina Arts Partnership, Chicago, USA

• Smithsonian Museum

• Google

• Tetrapak

• Dragon Capital, HCMC, Vietnam

• American Consulate, HCMC, Vietnam

• Road Scholars Programme, HCMC, Vietnam

• Jardine Matheson Group

• French Consulate, HCMC, Vietnam

• Standard Chartered Bank, Danang, Vietnam

• German Business Association. Hanoi, Vietnam

Talk Options



01 Australian National University Field

These talks are designed to engage university students from a range of disciplines including History, Humanities and Arts. Perfect for field study trips to Vietnam as an invaluable introduction to the nation's complex history, or as an opportunity to reflect and consolidate what they have learned at the end of their trip.

Alternatively, these talks work well on campus as an illuminating addition to any curriculum. Talks can be tailored to correspond to specific themes and curricular needs


02 1911 Student Tour Cedar Girls School,

These talks are designed to engage students between ages 8 and 18 by using art to breathe life into historical narratives.

Throughout the talk students are invited to connect with historical, social and artistic themes to give them a deeper understanding of Vietnamese history and role of artists within society. 

These talks are excellent for groups visiting Vietnam or at school as a complimentary addition to any curriculum. Talks can be tailored to correspond to specific themes and curricular needs. 

AFTER DINNER / DAYTIME TALKS - for private groups and corporate clients


These talks are engaging conversations about Vietnam's past and present, through compelling works of art, awe inspiring journeys and intriguing anecdotes, the complex timeline of colonialism, war, independence and rapid development are brought into focus. Talks can be tailored to meet special interests and time constraints within busy schedules.

04 1812 Talk at Main Street Museum.jpg


​Sophie’s Art Tour has an extensive research archive from which materials can be drawn to tailor talks to specific areas of interest. 

• Vietnamese Women in Art - A journey through Vietnam’s history with a

special focus on women, in front of and behind the easel

• Vietnamese Combat Art, Conversations with a Colonel - A journey through the sketches and recollections of a combat artist

• Gender, Ecology and Activism in Contemporary Vietnamese Art  - A

closer look at how contemporary artists are responding to current issues in Vietnam

• The 13 Nguyễn Emperors of Vietnam - A rare look into the extraordinary

lives of Vietnam's last dynasty

• Propaganda Art: North, South, East and West - A surprising and informative exploration of war and peace through the voices of a nation divided

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