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Thomas J. Vallely, Senior Advisor, Mainland Southeast Asia, Harvard Kennedy School

The tour itself is like a virtual small museum curated over ten years with perfection.  It is like visiting the Frick Collection in New York or the Kimbell Museum in Dallas/Fort Worth or the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C.  Sophie takes you through museums, private collections and public spaces both physically and on her IPad.  You will never want a headset at major museum ever again.  She takes you on a journey of Vietnam you will never forget."

"Sophie has confidence in her story telling and also has that rare gift of an imagination & knowledge that make you think you know what was in the minds of the artists she knows so well, whether it’s Ta Ty disillusionment or Le Thi Kim Bach’s maturing.  A visit to Saigon is not complete without seeing Tran Kim Hung’s 1965 anti-war masterpiece War & Children. A few rooms away is the revolutionary romance in Diep Minh Chau’s 1951 painting Uncle Ho goes fishing in the Viet Bac and Nguyen Hoang’s water colour The Frightened Avenue of the 1968 Hue tragedy. Understanding these three paintings alone is the history of the Vietnam War. In Hanoi Sophie will whisper you the secrets of Nguyen Tu Nghiem and how and why Vietnam was so open to modern European and Asian art at the end of the 19th century.

"She takes you on a journey of Vietnam you will never forget"

"She takes you on a journey of Vietnam you will never forget"

"She takes you on a journey of Vietnam you will never forget"

"Sophie’s Art Tour is a fascinating and unforgettable way to explore Vietnamese art history.  A long-time resident of Vietnam, Sophie Hughes is a gifted teacher and guide as well as an expert scholar.  Each of her skilfully designed tours takes visitors on a journey through the work and lives of some of modern Vietnam’s most accomplished visual artists.  Sophie combines a deep knowledge of Vietnamese art history with the sensibility of a practicing artist. Those who join the tour will come away with an appreciation for both the art that they see and the thoughtful historical perspective that Sophie provides."

Edward Miller, Associate Professor of History, Dartmouth College

"A fascinating and unforgettable way to explore Vietnamese art history"

"Sophie gave a talk about the history of Vietnamese women through Vietnamese art to educated friends of mine of many different nationalities. Everyone was fascinated and enthralled. Sophie's choice of images was compelling and her narrative was thought-provoking and incisive.  We learned a huge amount about Vietnamese art and Vietnamese history over the last century, gaining some real insights into the events that have shaped the country as it is now. Sophie also gave us a window on the cultural attitudes that have shaped life for women in Vietnam today.  A thoroughly engaging and enriching experience."

Gill Lever, UK Diplomat

"A thoroughly engaging and
enriching experience. 
Everyone was fascinated and enthralled"

“Sophie is a gifted storyteller who illuminates the layers of Vietnam's dynamic arts scene. She has a profound understanding of the modern Vietnamese art scene.  Deeply respectful of Vietnam's history and culture, she uses art to help us gain insights into what has happened - and what is happening - in this amazing country."

Ted Osius, US Embassador (retired)

"Deeply respectful of Vietnam's history and culture"


“Our adventure in Vietnamese art, history, and culture left us spellbound. Smart, articulate, culturally aware and honest, Sophie was the consummate guide. Her small group approach was succulently delivered at cafes, private and public museums, while sitting, standing, or on the move. The pedagogy was superior. Value for money, it was a bargain. If you want to understand Vietnamese art, then you need the history, nuances, and cultural aspects of the country to stitch it together. Sophie is the master seamstress who can do this.”


John Duran


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